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The so-called Blazing Trader is the newest addition to the industry. It is created by Johan Strand and his brother Lars Strand. The software was just released and traders are still wondering if they should trust the promotion or is BlazingTrader just a scam.

I undertook a thorough investigation of system. There are some things that bothered me at first, so I was very careful while investigating. Making the wrong choice when deciding on a binary options robot might cost the trader a lot of troubles. My work as an investigator is to prevent this from happening and I try to do my best with the investigations I start. The following review covers the main points of my investigation and my honest opinion of the BlazingTrader software.

System Name: Blazing Trader

Creators: Johan Strand & Lars Strand

Price: FREE

Minimum Deposit: $250*

*Used for trading purposes only, this is not a payment but an initial capital to start trading.


Blazing Trader – Johan & Lars Strand

Johan Strand is from New York and is a university professor of applied mathematics, who worked for years in Zurich. He used to work with heuristic logic minimizers – algorithms, created to minimize boolean functions, or in other words – to make the processing of large amounts of data faster. His work was implemented in the optimization of search engines, to provide more accurate results more quickly. His brother, Lars Strand on the other hand, traded in binary options and you could say that he is the professional in the field of the two men. This is the duo which is giving us, the binary traders, the chance to invest with a system such as Blazing Trader.

Review Verdict: Blazing Trader Is Not a Scam

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How Does BlazingTrader Work?

Johan Strand added his mathematical expertise to his brother’s trading system and the combined experience led to the creation of the so-called Blazing Trader. It is developed as a trading bot that would allow you to spot emerging patters in the movements of stocks’ values. It is said to utilize fail-safe mechanisms, thanks to which the system cannot lose. BlazingTrader has a very simple, yet elegant design which is easy to navigate and suitable for beginners. On your trading dashboard, you are able to see the suggested for trading assets at every single moment, and the direction in which to invest, as well, if you prefer to trade manually.


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Mr. Strand states that the Blazing Trader binary options software has a 93% success and 7% break-even rate, because if the system detects that a trade will change its direction at the last moment, it places a counter trade to prevent a loss. My initial testing shows that this is almost completely true. Although there is no 100% success rate system on the market, it is still possible to minimize losses with an algorithm like that. And the creators of Blazing Trader have done a marvelous job with achieving this goal.

Review Verdict: Blazing Trader Is Not a Scam

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Blazing Trader – How to Join?

The software is free and Blazing Trader will remain free for the whole period you use it. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. Upon registering, you will be transferred to the software itself. I have provided a screenshot of the system so that you can decide for yourself if it will suit your needs.


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After you sign up, you will be connected to a reputable broker. Fund your account with a minimum of $250 and you can begin trading immediately by activating the autopilot. The BlazingTrader software really does provide high success ratio and you will be able to enjoy significant profits. The withdrawals go through your trading account and will be processed in a few business days.

Final Thoughts

Even though Blazing Trader is a very new trading bot, it looks very promising. I can suggest it as a safe choice for your trading. It offers high payouts, high success rate, dedicated customer support and a trading environment suitable for both beginners and professionals in the field of binary options investments. My investigation shows that the Blazing Trader system is a very good alternative if you want to try something new and fresh when it comes to online investment tools.

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