Binabot Software Review ; Why Its the Best

When this software was first launched, guys thought it was just another scam. That is the reason Google is littered with a couple of negative reviews when you search for the term BinaDroid 2 scam.

But anyway, such reviews have never offered any proof as to why traders should not use BinaDroid 2 App. So let’s get straight into the features that make this software worth your investment.

BinaBot Review

Features of the Binabot Software ..

(a) 80-90% success rate

Most scams will promote software that is totally crap. They announce very high win rate that is unrealistic, and they never even provide proof that their products are really effective.

The BinaDroid2 software, on the other hand, works like advertised on the official website. Otherwise, they would never exist this long since scams eventually fade to oblivion after people bust their trickery.

You have to know that the success rate of Bina Droid 2 system is not constant — that is, it will always play in the range of 80-90%. Even if you didn’t play the 90% average on a particular day, you’d still make profits operating it at 80% win rate.

(b) Works in every country

Instead of restricting BinaDroid 2.0 to America, Canada, UK and Australia, the developer of this software says his signals can be used anywhere in the world provided one has an internet connection. Do not believe scams that fake it when they tell you their system is only restricted to a few countries and that everyone who is browsing their website is lucky to have their country included.

The fact is, trading binary options should be possible from any part of the world provided you have internet access.

(c) Minimum trade value of $25

Unlike many greedy brokers who insist that traders should only trade with a minimum of $50 or more , BinaDroid 2 has the lowest minimum in the industry. You can therefore trade with as low as $25, an investment that you will still end up doubling due to the 80-90% win rate that this software has.

(d) Smart trading application

The Binadroid 2 system has both automatic and manual trading functions. If you don’t want to undergo the hassles of reading news and analyzing charts to confirm the signal you’re dealing with, you could go automatic.

But on the other hand, we always have traders who want to take full control of their trades, thus they will never let a trading robot execute trades on their behalf. If you are this type of a trader, BinaDroid 2 system will let you trade accordingly. This is also where the reverse trade functionality comes into play.

Let’s say you placed a position and then market news affected it so that it changed direction. Would you sit around and watch your losses?

Unfortunately, most software developers never include this feature, and thus if such a thing happens, you will just lose money as you watch. Thankfully, BinaDroid 2 app offers this functionality to shield you in these situations.

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(e) Decent customer support

If you want to use BinaDroid 2 software, you should rest assured that you will have your questions and concerned answered round the clock. Apparently, this software vendor offers 24/7 customer support, meaning you can even contact them on none-trading days like weekend.

(f) Compatibility with all platforms

Scams usually market their software by saying that one can make riches on the go – that is, if they use their mobile devices to operate the automated software.

The good thing, however, is that now we are dealing with a legit software that turns those promises into a reality. We are not saying that you’ll grow rich tonight. But the possibility that you will make some profits on autopilot is certainly real.

Advantages of using Binabot system

Minimal deposit requirement

The BinaDroid 2 system works with some of the finest brokers on the internet. These brokers are typically not greedy, and so it shouldn’t come by surprise when we tell you that you’ll only need $25 as opposed to $250 to get started. If you opt to start with the minimum investment, you can gradually build it up until you have a significant capital, thanks to the high success rate that comes with BinaDroid 2 app.

Trading on technical indicators

The BinaDroid 2 system relies on 3 trading indicators to determine trades that will turn positive. At least this software works on sound principles of entering the markets, and thus you can rest assured of a fair chance of winning at least 8 trades out of 10.

Technical analysis means working with price action to determine the general trend of a market. There are so many tools that can be used to determine what the market is doing.

Technical analysis can also be combined with Fundamental analysis and sentiment analysis to establish the market’s direction. Fundamental analysis, as used in BinaDroid 2 program refers to the act of using market news to know what the market shall do next. On the other hand, sentiment analysis is basically what majority of traders feel about the market out there. Combine these three things and you will have a trading robot that performs like a dream.

If we know that we can somehow rely on these sound principles to enter and exit the market, we can push the auto-trade button with confidence.

BinaBot Software

Is BinaDroid software a scam?

The Owner of this Software

Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that BinaDroid 2 .0 Version is highly accurate in predicting trading signals ,the owner of this software, Troy Everett is a known figure who has been building algorithms for some time now. If you doubt him, you can search his details on Google and a number of resources will come forth justifying his credibility.

No Fake Testimonials & Fake Claims

You can see that the main page of BinaDroid 2 software doesn’t have fake reviews or testimonials slapped therein. You can also see that Troy Everett isn’t using any widget to lie about social media activities with regards to his software. There is not even a single red flag to point that this is not genuine.

He doesn’t bother about spamming his site with browser pop ups when visitors try to leave. In short, he doesn’t force anyone to join because he knows this is genuine.


The Binabot system is free to use. However, to start trading with it, you’ll be required to fund your account with the minimum investment. This is money that you’re funding your broker account with, not the account of the software developer. Roughly, you can get started with $25.

BinaBot Scam

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